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Firm Overview

Block Garden & McNeill, LLP is a boutique business law firm that combines large-firm capability with small-firm sensibility and respect for the client. Our practice is focused on corporate and securities law, concentrating on business planning, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and securities law, and business contracts. Our clients include service, technology, manufacturing and professional businesses ranging in size from start-up ventures to mid-sized public companies. We also represent several banks and bank holding companies. In addition, we serve as local counsel for a number of out-of-state companies.

We believe in providing legal services of a quality equal to that frequently available only from far larger firms, but in doing so at a much more modest cost. We are committed to competing with any firm in the quality of our work while at the same time pricing our services in a manner that reflects the competitive nature of the legal marketplace and our appreciation of the desire of all clients to incur legal fees only for efficient and effective service.

Our size - and hence our flexibility - and our experience have made us an attractive choice in corporate governance situations where special counsel is required for rapid responses in discrete engagements.

We understand the legal practicalities involved at every stage of a company's lifecycle. We are extremely proficient in counseling companies from start up, through financings and business expansion, and ultimately through a liquidity event. Our approach to the practice of law reflects our belief in:

  • balancing the need to reduce risk and assure compliance with the need to get the job done.
  • balancing the need for careful, thorough and expert legal work with the need to keep legal expenses under control, and
  • balancing the need to make adversarial points vigorously and convincingly with the need to bring disputes and negotiations to a close.

We assist clients by providing sound and effective legal advice and services with respect to:

  • negotiating, structuring and closing mergers, stock and asset acquisitions, and divestitures, including without limitation venture capital and private equity investments;
  • raising capital through public and private offerings of debt or equity securities or hybrid securities in compliance with all applicable federal and state securities laws;
  • choosing and forming business entities that provide the management and tax efficiency suited for our clients' needs;
  • negotiating and preparing employment-related documents, including employment agreements, consulting agreements, and stock option and other equity incentive or "phantom" equity plans;
  • licensing and protecting various types of intellectual property, including the negotiation and preparation of license agreements, non-disclosure and invention assignment agreements, confidentiality agreements and non-competition agreements;
  • developing shareholder, partnership and limited liability company agreements to clarify rights and duties among business partners; and
  • negotiating and preparing contracts to govern a wide variety of business relationships, including with customers and suppliers.